Eyes Of Fairy

Eyes Of Fairy are selling Fast,Quality and CHEAP cosmetic.Which imported from Korean,Taiwan and Hong Kong etc..Eyes Of Fairy want you to be a gorgeous gal. Flying with Pegasuii, Unicorn and Butterflies. So, don't be suprise if you happen to see a pegasus fly past your house and infront your doorstep after you have make a order.Join us and get a immortal stick to become a Fairy Princess.

Tuesday, September 30

Description : 2 ways glue. It can be use to stick false eyelashes. It is the latest hi-tech product, customized for single eyelid user.Can make single eyelid into double to brighten eyes. It won't peel of in 24 hours. Come with a fork.
Code : G - 01
Price : Rm 12

Description : Eyeliner pencil from Korean. Soft brush. Water proof. Easy remove.Good quality!! Nice packing.
Professional comment : This pencil dry so fast won't stain on your eyelids, save time. When you apply, the color outflow easier no need to repeat and repeat.Once you repeat apply between your eyelids and the false eyelashes. It will spoil the lashes's glue so false eyelashes will drop easily.
Code : LE- 01
Color : Black
Price : Rm 20

Lets Party

Description : Bronw color lashes high light with purple and blue color. Soft,can use for party. If you don't know how to apply colors eye shadow this is the best lashes for you to use.

Code : Hm-013

Price : Rm 6 (perpair)


Description : Short and natural. Bling stone on top.
Code : Hm-012
Price : Rm 6

Friday, August 29


Description : Long and Natural.
Code : Hm-05
Color : Black
Price : RM 5


Description : Soft. Angle from up it look special but when open eye it look natural .
Code : Hm-03
Color : Black
Price : RM 5


Description : Natural can be use day time and night time. Back is longer than front for short eyelid eye use.
Code : Hm -08
Color : Black
Price : RM 5